Discovery World Montessori Discovery World Montessori
Our Goal
We are a group of schools providing quality educational programs with a safe, loving child care environment. We offer full extended days, full days and half days at affordable rates. Our rates include free lunch with milk and snach for every student.
Our Beginnings
The executive administrator enrolled her young children in Montessori school and was very pleased with the method used to teach her children and also with their academic progress. She was very interested in finding out more about the way in which her children were learning so she began volunteering as an aid at the school. She was so convinced that children thrive in a Montessori environment that she enrolled in a Montessori training program and earned a Montessori diploma to become a qualified teacher.

When she moved to California, she earned another diploma from International Association of Progressive Montessorians (IAPM-USA) and continued her teaching career. After teaching in a lead position for a period of time she was promoted to Center Administrator. As a parent she is convinced that her children excelled throughout their entire academic career due to the strong Montessori education they received as young children. She is a proud parent of three adult children (an engineer, a medical doctor and a Montessori teacher). Her desire to extend the opportunity of a Montessori education to many more families prompted her to start her own school.


In 1998, we started our first school in Chino with only 23 children and within six short months had an active enrollment of 88 children. We extended our services by opening a second school in Chino Hills with 19 children and soon had an enrollment of over 90 children. We currently have a waiting list for our Chino Hills school. In 2006, we purchased Discovery World and have converted it to a Montessori school. We are convinced that the strong academic programs and nurturing environment provided by the staff at Discovery World Montessori will enable your children to achieve a higher level of academic success in all future endeavors.

Discovery World Montessori took the first step to administer the Stanford Achievement Test 10 otherwise known as SAT 10 to our 3rd and 4th grade last April 25-28, 2011.  The SAT 10 encompasses  Reading Comprehension which is subdivided into Word Study Skills & Vocabulary Words. Language which covers Composition & Writing. Mathematics both Number Theory & Problem Solving, Science, and Social Science or Social Studies.  In comparison to public schools in Diamond Bar and Walnut, they only give Reading Comprehension and Mathematics as a state test.

It is our pride and honor to share to all of you that our 3rd and 4th grade took the test with flying colors. Individually and as a group, they got ABOVE AVERAGE AND POST HIGH SCHOOL SCORE rating or PHS.  PHS rating is the highest rating that a student can get that is equivalent to a 12th grade academic performance both in public and private schools across California.  This is just a lucid indication that our academic curriculum is designed 2-3 yrs advance and that our students are well equipped with knowledge to excel in any endeavor they will take. Below please find the summary scores for our 3rd and 4th graders.

Grade 3 summary

Grade 4 summary

 In 2012 Discovery World Montessori will administer the SAT 10  to our 1st to 4th grade and Montessori of Chino Hills will give it to our 1st to 2nd grade. Rest assured that we will continue to commit ourselves for excellence

Our Staff
We take special care to select the most experienced Montessori teachers. Our staff is energetic, loving, kind and provides a nurturing environment that encourages each child’s individual learning and growth. Our teachers team with parents to provide the best possible school experience for the children.


We are located in a beautiful free standing building with over 11,000 square feet allowing us to provide spacious classrooms with natural lighting. We have spacious playgrounds with modern play equipment for each program age group. We are not located in a strip mall or next to gas stations. The school is completely fenced to offer the highest security for your children.


Parent Tours
We encourage you to visit our Center for an individual tour to learn more about the Montessori Method of education and what we have to offer your children.