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Our preschool program is designed for children ages 2 years to 3 years or until potty trained. We believe that early childhood is the most important time of exploration and discovery. The mental development of a child is at its most critical stage from birth through age six. At this stage a child’s mind is similar to a sponge absorbing knowledge from his/her environment and experience. Our desire is to help every child in our program realize  his or her fullest potential by providing a specialized Montessori environment which allows children the freedom to move around their environment and satisfy their inner need for imitation, repetition and movement through the prepared areas in each classroom.

This program promotes social, physical, emotional and cognitive growth through the use of Montessori materials in a prepared environment. Our dedicated, highly trained teachers guide children as they participate in a variety of Montessori activities in which they discover, explore, classify, organize and develop skills essential to future academic and social success. Children are encouraged to progress at their own pace, in their own learning that will benefit them throughout their lives.

In the Montessori classroom there are 5 areas. Each are has a specific purpose and goal.


  The goal of this area is to teach a child to read by laying a solid foundation in understanding phonics through enjoyable activities. Children easily learn the phonetic sounds, how to write their letters, names and much more.
  The purpose of Math in the Montessori classroom is to simultaneously take children through many aspects of Math. The 5 essential aspects are linear counting, operations with linear numbers, operations with the decimal system, fractions and writing numbers.
  The purpose of the Sensorial area is to stimulate the five senses. Sensorial activities help refine a child’s muscle control and coordination, which indirectly prepares him/her for Math and Language.
  Practical Life
  The use of materials in this area satisfies the children’s need for limitation through simple to complex activities that they have seen in their home environment. The skills acquired help develop a child’s coordination of movement, independence, self-awareness, social skills of grace and courtesy, as well as, concentration and attention.
  The goal of this area is to enable children to understand the world in its formation, the present geographical context and the lives of other cultures. This area offers geography, history, botany, zoology and human values materials. Children will enjoy discovering their world using language, sensorial and mathematical skills.